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Ryan Buell Partner. When Ryan introduced his book, one of the biggest revelations that came out from it was his sexual orientation. Ryan stated that he was bisexual. All of his fans were left shellshocked but later accepted it. Since 2014 the investigator has been married to his long time partner Sergey Poberezhny. There is no information about ... To talk about his personal life, as mentioned Ryan Buell is bisexual, and is known as a big supporter of the LGBT community. He has been married to his longtime partner, Sergey Poberezhny, since 2014, and his current residence is in State College, Pennsylvania. Speaking about his appearance, Ryan has short dark brown hair and dark colored eyes. The American paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell is a popular face in the widely viewed TV show, Paranormal State, which aired between 2007 and 2011.The TV personality who is also an author and producer earned his BA degree in journalism and anthropology from the prestigious Penn State University before hosting the aforementioned A&E show. Ryan Buell was born with a Native American and Italian ancestry. Born to Tim Buell, his father, a state police officer, and Shelly Bonavita Lundburg, his mother, who owned an accounting business, Ryan grew up in Sumter with his brother and four sisters. Education. Ryan Buell was always inclined towards journalism. Ryan Buell, along with business partner Chad Calek, created and executive-produced a companion special for 'Paranormal State,' called 'The Ghost Prophecies.' The special aired November 2010 and was well-received by fans, bringing in roughly 1.5 million viewers. Ryan Buell's long-time friend speaks out. Troubleshooter: Buell friend speaks out. The I-Team Troubleshooter follows up on the investigation of a celebrity ghost hunter, whose long-time friend is ... Ryan Buell is a man with different talents and professions. He is an American Paranormal investigator, a journalist, an author, and a producer too. In 2007, he formed the Paranormal Research Society , which is popularly known for producing the group's investigations of alleged paranormal phenomena at reportedly haunted locations.

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While transparency is often associated with increased accountability to the public, the most visible outcome of open public data in recent years has been more and better services for citizens ... Hey guys! These vlogs are about our lives and the things we do. Subscribe and we hope you enjoy! Love, Aspyn and Parker (Worst Behavior Remix) 'Shout Out' Just to show some love to the partner i grew up with Filmed By Matt Crump Produced by Kase Closed Edited By Ryan Charles. Ryan Buell & Chad Calek re-enact what happened when they saw an apparition at The Thomas House. :) This is the official trailor for the movie ' American Ghost Hunter' made by: Ryan Buell + Chad Calek... I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING THIS BELONGS TO RYAN BUELL AND CHAD CALEK... I hope you enjoy :P Plz ... Ryan Buell, Founder and President of Buell Wetsuits made in Santa Cruz, California, has nearly two decades of experience designing and testing wetsuits in this surf-rich area. We are so excited to tell you guys we are having a baby! Do you think we are having a boy or girl? WATCH THE ANNOUNCEMENT ON ASPYN'S CHANNEL - https://bit.ly... Ryan Charles Feat. Kase Closed - On My High Horse (Official Music Video) - Duration: 3 minutes, 1 second.